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Let’s explore the enchanting world of the “Home & Gifts” category, where elegance meets functionality. This curated collection brings together a delightful array of items that enhance your living space and make thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Some of the items you will find are candles and holders, clocks and money boxes, black roses and flowers, photo frames and mirrors, ornaments and tiny treasures.

Home Décor & Gifts


  • Candles & Holders


    Ambiance Creators: Candles are more than mere sources of light; they infuse your home with warmth, sometimes with alluring fragrances, and offer a soothing glow. Choose from scented jar candles, pillar or shaped candles, or decorative tea lights to set the mood for relaxation or celebration.

    Candle Holders

    Elegance Elevated: Candle holders come in various styles – from minimalist to ornate. They cradle your candles, adding an artistic touch to your space. Opt for sleek metal holders, crystal designs, or rustic wooden bases.

  • Clocks

    Timeless Beauty 

    Clocks serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Wall clocks, mantel clocks, or desk clocks – each tells a story. Whether you prefer vintage, modern, or whimsical designs, a well-placed clock becomes a focal point in any room.

  • Black Roses

    Mystical Blooms

    Black roses symbolize mystery, elegance, and rebirth. While rare in nature, artificial black roses make captivating decor. Display them in vases, use them as centerpieces, or incorporate them into wreaths for a bewitching touch.

  • Garden

    🌿 Welcome to the Shadowed Garden of Curiosities! 🌿

    In the heart of moonlit groves, where twisted vines whisper secrets to ancient stones, our Gothic Plant Pots await. These bewitching vessels are more than mere containers; they’re portals to a realm where flora dances with the macabre, and roots delve into forgotten mysteries.

  • Hanging Decorations
  • Photo Frames

    Memories Preserved

    Photo frames hold cherished moments frozen in time. Choose from classic frames, sleek designs, or quirky shapes. Whether it’s family portraits, travel snapshots, or art prints, frames turn memories into art.

  • Plaques & Signs
  • Mirrors

    Reflective Beauty

    Mirrors do more than show your reflection; they amplify light, create illusions of space, and enhance decor. From ornate wall mirrors to minimalist designs, they add depth and elegance to your walls.

  • Money Boxes
  • Ornaments

    Tiny Treasures

    Ornaments are like whispers of magic scattered throughout your home. Display them on shelves, or use them as year-round accents throughout your home. From ravens on books, to cats on skulls. 

  • Trinket Boxes & Dishes

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