List of products by brand Alchemy England 1977

Also known as Alchemy Gothic in South Africa. Alchemy is a world-renowned brand specialising in Alternative & Gothic jewellery and home décor.

Alchemy England 1977 is a brand that combines art, craft, and design to create unique and original products for the alternative lifestyle. Founded by two self-taught artists in Manchester, England, in 1977, Alchemy England 1977 has grown to become one of the world's leading Gothic and steampunk jewelery makers. Alchemy England 1977 offers a range of products, from rings and pendants, to metal signs and printed products, all featuring the distinctive and dark style of the Alchemy studios. Alchemy England 1977 is more than just a brand, it is a way of expressing your individuality and creativity.

All of Alchemy England's pewter products are individually designed, modeled and developed in England by the Alchemy Studios creative art and design team.  Each individual product is then hand-made with pride from the finest English Pewter by Alchemy's own highly skilled craftsmen, all at their studios and workshops in Leicester, England.

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