Stainless Steel Egyptian Eye of Ra Ring
  • Stainless Steel Egyptian Eye of Ra Ring
  • Stainless Steel Egyptian Eye of Ra Ring
  • Stainless Steel Egyptian Eye of Ra Ring
  • Stainless Steel Egyptian Eye of Ra Ring

Stainless Steel Egyptian Eye of Ra Ring

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Introducing the Egyptian Eye of Ra Stainless Steel Ring – a captivating piece that draws inspiration from ancient Egypt’s mystical symbols. Crafted with precision, this ring features the iconic Eye of Ra, embossed on a textured background, surrounded by enigmatic Egyptian hieroglyphs. 

Ring Size (US | UK): 7 | O
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Let its symbolism resonate with you:

Eye of Ra: In Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Ra represents the sun, divine protection, and royal power. It is both a creator and a punisher – a force to subdue enemies.

316L Stainless Steel: This ring is made from high-quality stainless steel that ages well and is water-resistant.

Comfortable Wear: You’ll experience no discomfort on your skin, thanks to its thoughtful design.

Neat Details: The intricate embossing and polished finish make this ring a true work of art.

Weight: Approximately 13-15 grams.

Whether you’re a friend of the ancient lands of Horus, Amun-Ra, or Isis, this Eye of Ra ring connects you to the mystique of Egypt. Add a touch of contemporary style to your ensemble with this timeless piece! 🌞🔗

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The Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus are both iconic symbols from ancient Egyptian mythology, each carrying its own significance:

Eye of Ra

Representation: The Eye of Ra symbolizes the sun god Ra and embodies concepts of fury, power, and violence.

Appearance: It is the right eye and is often accompanied by a teardrop or a cobra.

Entity: Unlike the Eye of Horus, the Eye of Ra is not just a symbol; it is an entity in Egyptian mythology, with stories where it actively influences events.

Colour: Its iris is depicted as red.

Role: Ra, the sun god, provides light during the day and travels through the sky in a solar barque. At night, he faces challenges in the underworld.

Ultimate Source of Justice: Ra represents justice and cosmic order.

Eye of Horus

Representation: The Eye of Horus embodies the god Horus and symbolizes health, sacrifice, light, and restoration.

Appearance: It is the left eye and often resembles a falcon’s eye.

Colour: Its iris is depicted as blue.

Role: Horus, the sky god, was initially associated with war. His left eye represents the moon (healing), and his right eye represents the sun (power).

Both eyes are considered all-seeing and serve as symbols of protection. Their shared appearance reflects their interconnectedness in Egyptian culture, while their distinct meanings highlight the duality of cosmic forces – light and darkness, power and healing. 🌞🔵🔴

For more insights into these ancient symbols, explore the rich mythology of Ra and Horus

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