Fabulous Feline -- A Cat Cameo silver ring with adjustable fit!
  • Fabulous Feline -- A Cat Cameo silver ring with adjustable fit!
  • Fabulous Feline -- A Cat Cameo silver ring with adjustable fit!

Deviant South "Fabulous Feline" Cat Cameo Silver Adjustable Ring

Reference: DS-R1616


Enhance your style with the unique charm of this cat cameo ring. The captivating image of a curious white cat set against a soft black backdrop creates an enchanting, almost spectral appearance. Perfect for cat enthusiasts or those who love standout jewellery pieces. This adjustable ring is an essential addition to your collection. 🖤🐱


⭐ The perfect gift for cat enthusiasts!
Adjustable silver alloy ring bezel to fit most fingers.
⭐ Medium-sized cameo that accentuates your hands.

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Delve into the allure of wearable 3D art with the Deviant South Cat Cameo Silver Adjustable Ring. 🖤🐱


Cameo Size: 25x18mm

Cameo Colour: White on Black Background

Ring Bezel Colour: Silver

Ring Bezel Type: Thin Band, Scalloped Border

Ring Size: Approximately US 7.5 | UK P (adjustable between US 7 | UK O and US 8 | UK Q)

Adjustable Fit: The ring can be customised to fit various finger sizes by bending the two arms at the back towards or away from each other. Please avoid over-bending, as it may damage the product.

Unique Design: The resin cameo features a sophisticated cartoon-style cat with large eyes and a scarf around its neck, set in a silver alloy bezel.

Imported Resin Cameo: The cameo itself is imported from Europe, while other components are sourced from various countries.

Quality Materials: Crafted with care, the ring combines a resin cameo and alloy bezel for durability.


Express your individuality with this captivating cat cameo ring from Deviant South! 🖤🐱


✨ Care Instructions for Your Deviant South Jewellery

Embark on a journey with your new Deviant South jewel—a piece that’s destined to be by your side through every chapter of your story. To keep your companion radiant and full of life, we’ve crafted a simple guide to ensure its everlasting charm. 🌟

💡 Keep Dry: To maintain the integrity of the base metals and adhesive, avoid immersing your jewellery in water.

💡 Chemical-Free Zone: Contact with perfumes or oil-based deodorants can alter the colour of the base metals and resin/polymer. It’s best to apply such products before putting on your jewellery.

💡 Shade is Your Friend: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to discolouration. When not in use, store your piece away from direct light.

💡 Cool Storage: Preserve the quality of your jewellery by storing it in a cool, dry place when not being worn.

💡 Embrace the Patina: As your jewellery gracefully evolves, a simple polish with a microfiber cloth will keep its story shining.

💡 Quick Polish: Show your jewellery some love with a quick buff, ensuring it's always adventure-ready and radiant.

💡 Detail Care: For intricate designs, gently use a soft brush or cotton swab to reach and clean every special nook.


📌 Remember that each piece from Deviant South is crafted with care and passion. Thank you for supporting the shop! 😊
4 Items

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